Canon 5D Mark III Short Film: ‘Incident on Marmont Ave’

Mitch over at just announced a new short film that they shot entirely the 5D Mark III – ‘Incident on Marmont Ave.’  I talked with Mitch about this a bit at NAB this year and he was (justifiably) stoked about how the project was coming together.

Some details on how and why the short was created:

The intent for this project was to create one of the first narrative films showcasing the new 5D Mark III and its long-awaited features but to also do it on a lower end budget. We have seen that many of the “regular” DSLR influencers have been moving more toward the higher end cameras (C300, Epic etc.) and are shooting projects that are way outside of the budget of most independent filmmakers. While these influencers are still fantastic sources for generating high-end interest, an entire group of film and DSLR users don’t have sources that are relevant to them.

Our project is directly aimed at DSLR filmmakers who are shooting on lower budgets frequently. We designed the entire project to meet the budget, time frame and actual considerations that lower budget filmmakers have for their projects. This is a group that is deeply committed to a high quality final image but wants the lower price tag and flexibility of a DSLR.

Head over to Planet5D for more details about the cast, crew and production.