1. Jim Wilmer says

    I can give you an analogous situation. My wife and I purchased a brand new 1975 Volkswagen Rabbit based on several reports in automotive and consumer magazines. It was named car of the year in one publication, However, 2 years later it was lemon of the year. More to the point, various wires and cables had a tendency to pop off in the engine compartment. Since I had a roll of tape intended for attachment to disposable baby diapers in a manufacturing plant, I figured why not use it to hold the cables in place. The tape worked like a charm under harsh conditions in the engine compartment, but more cables and pieces of plastic began pulling away from their original points of attachment. My wife took the car to the dealer in Knoxville, TN, and got a bit irate. The salesman told her to keep her voice down in the sales area. She said, ” I will not! Our car is being held togther with baby diaper tape!”

    So industrial-strength black tape may work well inside this camera, but there may have to be a redesign somewhere along the way.

      • Jim Wilmer says

        It is a small world. My wife was librarian at the library in Powell, TN, from 1975 to 1977.

  2. hjoseph says

    I can’t see myself spending $3500 on a consummer camera, then having to tape it up using Scoth Tape sorry.