1. Mr Kotku says

    The D800 is the clear winner. The lady smiles for often when using the Nikon. 5D Mklll next. Finally she almost never smiles with the Mk ll. So there you have it folks, you will have more smiles if you use the D800.

  2. says

    On Canon 5D MKII and 5D MK III the focus is not correct, the whole image is not sharp. Were the people who do this tests not able to focus correctly?

  3. anon says

    the proper way to do this is to have the same exposure. then increase the exposure in stops. not iso. what a bunch of dumbasses.

  4. GarrettPhotoMedia says

    Can the video noise reduction on the Canon 5D MKIII be turned off? If not, then the comparison is not valid if the Nikon does not have noise reduction applied and the Canon does. I own the 5D MKIII and am very pleased with its high ISO performance.

  5. s2x says

    There is no question. The D800 seems better, but at higher ISO it is too grainy.
    Therefore, in my opinion the 5D MKIII is the winner. It has consistent performance with high image Quality.

  6. Jerry says

    Yes, the Canon looks better at high ISO, but the Nikon doesn’t need high ISO to get the shot. At lower ISO, the Canon footage is too dark. Nikon wins.

  7. says

    D800 在ISO_2500時,已能正確表現明暗、色塊
    ISO_12800時 5D3乾淨
    1.同樣的場地、光線,調整ISO時,光圈、快門卻固定( 錄影),比較的方法設計有誤。
    5.作者應是要強調CANON的高感度較優秀,ISO_12800時 5D3乾淨
    D800 在ISO_2500~3200時,已能正確表現明暗、色塊,

  8. Zurab Kereselidze says

    Judging from this video even mark ii is less noisy than D800 in high ISO. But how come can it be true?
    I guess the difference is in codecs and noise reduction. If you compare still images then you cannot see so big difference in high ISO. Nikon is very good on ISO 12800 in images. However in video mode it looks noisier. But it seems in video Canon does some aggressive noise reduction and that’s why it looks less noisy but also less sharp which is not due to incorrect focus. Nikon outputs more natural video without post-processing.