Add Grain to Your Footage, Get a Film Look with Rgrain

Rgrain is a set of film plates with grain to help turn video footage into more of a film look.  The film plates are available in 35mm, 16mm and 8mm sets and are provided in 1080p at 23.976 fps for 30-second loops.

[ via HD Cam Team]



    • says

      No, that is not true.

      Rgrain is NOT a copy of anything since Rgrain is digitally made, offering extremely realistic results without the heavy damage that some scanned stock films have (not to mention the difference in price…)

      We, and lot of others, have already tested and used it, and it works great.

      Please check the full information, tutorials and examples at


    • Bill Wix says

      I wonder who’s copying? Their domain was created after Rgrain, this comment is only shameful self promotion.