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    Ms. Saori Kanda & Canon deserve five stars… I find this video more impressive than some dull ones made by the rival (you know…). I beg some comparisons between the 5D Mark II and the Mark III in order to see the solutions offered by the 5D III for the known issues of the Mark II. And a questions how the Mark II could be so successful in video with troubles like moire that now they are mentioning???

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    I give this demo film from the 5DmkIII a huge two thumbs up.

    As someone who films more architectural subject matter than fast action/crazy race/fast moving features, I really appreciate the assortment of views of essentially the same subject matter as it changes over time and in various lighting conditions.

    There were so many things to appreciate about this demo. The shift in scale. Exploring exploring multiple fascist of the striking color, skin tonality and texture. Additionally they seemed well aware of including multiple surface types. All with varying levels of reflectivity, specularity, and material composition. ALL of that let me really understand a camera system’s potential for image making.