Oben Tripods Review

As a videographer I have multiple tripods. However, sometimes I just need set of sticks with a ball head for still photography. My primary use would simply be taking family photos, and the occasional time-lapse for some of my video projects.

I recently had the opportunity to check out several Oben tripods from B&H Photo. These tripods are very affordable, yet well thought out, and well crafted.

Here is a quick look at the Oben tripods that I evaluated.

Model Number Head Included Bubble Level # of Sections Max Height  w/o and w/ center column Minimum Height Closed Height Weight Load Capacity BH PhotoPrice
AC1300 BA-00 5 3 46.5/57in 7.5in 22.8in 2.85lb 6.6lb $ 89.95
AC1310 BA-0 5 3 50.7/61.3in 17.3in 24.7in 3.4lb 11lb $ 99.95
AC1400 BA-00 5 4 46.5/57in 5.5in 20in 2.95lb 6.6lb $ 99.95
AC1410 BA-0 5 4 50/60in 6.5 21in 3.25lb 11lb $119.95


I will talk specifically about the feature set on the Oben AC-1410; however, these same thoughts and comments are applicable across the board with the spec differences noted in the above chart.

Upon opening the box the first word to come to mind was “wow”! The AC-1410 came in a padded case with a shoulder strap and a convenient storage pocket inside. Included also are allen wrenches for adjusting and locking down the tripod.

The AC-1410 is 4 stage (the AC-1300 and AC-1310 are 3 stage), with flip lever locks for fast adjustment. I was a little concerned that, judging by the thickness of the sticks, they would be a little floppy. To my surprise, they are actually pretty stable for their size.

The ball head is single action, with four bubble levels and an additional level on the tripod its self. The BA-0 has an 11lb load capacity, perfect for using a DSLR with a long lens or battery grip.

When I am looking at tripods one of the first things I look at (beyond basic features and construction) is how stable it is at its maximum height. No one wants to accidentally bump their tripod and be out a few grand!

Fully extended with my 7D, battery pack, and one of my heavier lenses it did feel fairly top-heavy. Yet here is another example of the forethought put into this tripod. On the bottom of the center column is a hook for a sand bag. If you didn’t have sand bag you could always tie it down, or hook your backpack to it.

Next, I wondered how low could it go? While the center column does prevent the tripod from getting ultra low, it is reversible. Simply take out the column out by twisting the hook on the bottom of the center column, so that the hollowed area on the hook and legs line up. Flip it around and under-sling your camera. Though it may not be ideal, it could help you out in a pinch.

Oben has an array of tripods, from the less expensive models like thse, to rock-solid carbon fiber sticks – all of which are available at very competitive prices. Whether you are a point and shoot photographer just wanting to capture some family moments, the hobbyist, or a pro in need of primary or backup sticks, with Oben you are on solid ground.

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  1. Gary Amatangelo says

    I am glad to see another review on the Oben line of tripods. A few months back when I was shopping for a tripod I came across the line at B&H, but not much else out there. They seemed like an amazing value and when I received mine my initial reaction was the same as your’s- “Wow!” I ended up getting the carbon fiber version (OBCC2320L) with the BB-2 ballhead as I do primarily macro and product. I really liked the ability to lay over the center post to various angles and this one has a height of 72.2″ as well. I have a Canon 60D with a BG-9 battery grip and usually shoot with an EF-S 17-55 F/2.8 IS USM, so stability was also high on my list, especially when hanging it out at 90 degrees for a macro shot! I am so enamored with this line I ordered the carbon fiber CTM-2400 Monopod with BA-1 ballhead. What else can you say about B&H that hasn’t been said a million times before? There is a reason most of the Pros have them as their first choice- exemplary service and the most extensive product line on the planet!