Canon 5D Mark III Specs Confirmed? Official on Feb. 27?

Canon 5D Mark III Rumors

Canon Rumors is predicting next week as a for sure thing for the Canon 5D Mark II replacement. Presumably, it will be called the 5D Mark III; however, there have been rumblings that Canon will go with the 5D X name and apparently play off the recent release of the 1D X.

Semantics about naming schemes aside, below is what’s supposed to be the actual specs for the 5D III/X.

  • 22mp
  • 61pt AF
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Dual CF/SD Card Slots
  • Price: Around $3500 USD

You can bet your breakfast that it’ll also come with some fancy HDSLR movie shooting capabilities as well.  Even if it just deals with some of the faults in the 5D Mark II (e.g. moire and rolling shutter), it should be a great offering.  However, Canon has some real competition in the full frame video department thanks to Nikon’s throw-down of the gauntlet with the D4 and D800 – both of which offer headphone out for audio monitoring AND (and this is a big “and” for a reason) clean HDMI-output off the camera for recording uncompressed video to an external capture device like the Hyperdeck Shuttle, Atomos Ninja and AJA KiPro.

Another big feature that could be a huge game-changer on the still photography side of the coin is the inclusion of radio-triggering for wireless Speedlites. No one is citing this as sure thing for the 5D Mark III; however, Canon Rumors says that a new 590EX Speedlite will be introduced alongside the Canon 5D Mark III next week and that it will feature radio triggering capabilities.

We know that Canon has a patent pending on this functionality and it has been around for a while.  We’ve just been waiting for the when…  Given that the 5D Mark III is all but confirmed for next week along with a radio-triggering Speedlite, wouldn’t it be just a little awkward if the camera didn’t have this feature too?  There’s some high-powered deductive reasoning for you… ;)

Lots more to leak and talk about between now and then.  Stay tuned for the latest and greatest when we hear more.



  1. G G says

    hmmm, 22 MP? D800 is looking pretty darn good. May have a 5D, 5D Mark II and lots of L glass for sale soon.

  2. Paxbell says

    AFTER THE SHORTFALL D4-1Dx looks like Nikon has come back with a winner 800e-5D111.
    seems like the weight was in vain.

  3. dick ranez says

    5DMark whatever – been waiting for this one, but with those specs and that price point,
    I’ll keep waiting. Might start looking at Nikon again. If I wanted a video camera, I’d
    buy one rather than a DLSR loaded with features I don’t need, won’t use and don’t want.

  4. says

    22 mp??? are you kidding me Canon??? that’s no news at all!!! happy old 2008 Canon. With this specs, you could calle it 5D Mark S**t. :S

  5. says

    This is an evolutionary jump, not a revolutionary. Don’t think we will see revolutionary to maybe video recording @ 4k. But the Mk2 is such a nice setup, that the improvements will be a little bit here and there … resulting in an excellent all around package.

    22mp is a really nice spot. Same ‘calculated’ rez as 35mm film (at least from what I’ve read .. I have not personal science to back that up). But I know that for my work (pro and hobby) my 12mp slrs have been quite adequate. If I could get up to around 20mp, then when I crop my images down, having more resolution post-crop would be very nice and 22mp would be kind of a sweet spot. Files not as large as 36mp, computer not as slow processing them as 36mp ….

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Karam Al Hussein says

    Why everybody is complying about the camera specs ???
    I was very disappointing when they announced the Nikon d800
    36 MP are you kidding me ??? the noise will be like hell
    In my opinion the specs of the 5D mark III (if they are true)
    are AMAZING fantastic AF system and a respectful MP count
    and if the ISO is good too it will be a dream come true
    for me at least

  7. says

    All I want is that 5D III (or X) autofocus doesn’t push me towards Nikon (although I don`t need 36MP). And please, Canon, keep or get better that ISO 3200.

    And why don’t you Canon team change the position of that on/off button ??????????????????? It kills me !!!! You do it and I keep my Canon gear even if the 5DIII has only 10 MP.