1. Alex B says

    Nice review. I’ve had FastMac one myself for about a year and love it. This will do the same thing, but actually looks a bit nicer with the covers over the USB ports.

    I would like to point out that UL is only 1 of 13 labs that can test and certify things like this. The FastMac you listed as “not being UL certified” is TUV certified…second largest testing lab after UL and just as recognized in the US.

  2. Grant Dahlke says

    The UL certification is application specific – while other certifications can be for parts of the product and without consideration to the application – which in this case is in-wall.

    TUV doesn’t do certifications for 120V AC powered devices…as that standard is not used in Germany.

    Kind of like saying that there are lots of firms that will certify something is waterproof – but just because it was certified, doesn’t mean it’s been approved for deep dives.

    Bottom line…don’t take the risk…only use UL Listed products. If it doesn’t have the UL logo and the file number under that logo….no other “marketingspeak” or spin matters.