1. Tim L says

    No Zeiss lenses in the pipeline? One G Series lens? As a potential customer considering moving over from Canon, that’s disappointing. Love almost everything about the NEX-7’s body but what difference does that make if there’s no high quality glass to attach to it?

  2. says

    2013????? Sony, don´t you know, TIME is MONEY? I feel Sony is not so sure about those E-mount lenses. I checked a interesting review about the 50mm f 1.8 and its performance is very sad… That 16MP sensor is very nice, but everybody knows how important are the glasses. Obviously Fuji does has a system; I like so much my humble C3 and I was wondering to get a Nex 7; my concern is that Sony glasses are a really PAIN (that Zeiss is sexy but a 24mm is not exactly all I need ??).