Canon Rebel T4i Coming in February?

Canon Rebel T4i Rumored for February

The latest tip I received is about the Canon Rebel T4i to be announced later this month.

That seems a little odd since Canon would have missed a good opportunity to introduce it at CP+ in Japan.  However, Canon sort of swore off being tied down the trade show announcements after PMA 2009 – and then it skipped PMA 2010 after that.

A replacement for the Canon Rebel T3i is about due based on previous refresh cycles, so this isn’t so far off the reservation to totally disregard either.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled over the next few weeks.  In the mean time, you can feel free to drop another line via the contact form if you have more details on the Canon Rebel T4i or other upcoming cameras.



  1. says

    i love my little canon sure shots I own 3 of them.
    Why did they not continue to make the doubler lens for
    I want a camera has 16 plus pixies no video view finder
    28 -100 or so lens, controlled flash, lcd 2-3 inched ? Canon seems to have
    some of my needs but not on one machine.
    Thank you for any help with my needs.