CRU Dataport & WiebeTech Pro Storage Solutions

I stopped by the CRU Dataport booth at PMA@CES 2012 for a look at some of storage solutions.  The products include devices branded as CRU Dataport, as well as WiebeTech.

CRU Dataport

The are pro- and industrial-grade devices that are built to last and deliver on the performance side.

ToughTech Duo

The ToughTech Duo is one of the hottest devices CRU offers.  It’s a portable dual-drive RAID 0/1 device with a quad-interface (FW 800/400, eSATA & USB) and swappable drives.

RTX Drive Systems

There are a number of variations available with CRU’s RTX line – with as little as 2-bays, all the way up to 8-bays – and variety of RAID flavors and JBOD available for drive configuration.

Be sure to watch the video above and check out the full line of CRU’s gear at Adorama and on CRU/WiebeTech’s website.