Sony CES 2012 Press Conference – LiveBlog

This will be a live blog feed – with the newest updates at the bottom.  (Hit the ‘Refresh’ button for updates.)

3:00PM PT – The Sony Press Conference at CES 2012 kicks off in a couple hours.  I’m just laying the groundwork here and am making my way over to Sony’s booth.

I’ll have the latest news from the event soon, so keep watching.  It kicks off at 5PM PT / 8PM ET.

UPDATES BELOW (Newest stuff at the bottom.)

3:01 – Sony was all about 3D TV last year; however, I suspect that they’ll have some good photo news to announce this year. I’m hoping to see the next full frame camera, or at least a tease of what’s to come.

In the 3D hype last year, we were surprised when the Black Beauty (the car from Green Hornet) rolled on-stage and Seth Rogan stepped out with Jay Chou.

Sony always puts on a good show, so I’m really looking forward to this one.  I’ll have the photo gear stuff here on Photography Bay, and Joe will likely have to the rest of the interesting stuff over at Tech Tilt.

Stay tuned.

4:35 – We’re in and seated. Waiting for the show to start soon. WiFi over 4G is wonky for every one right now, so we may have to wait on pics for a bit.

Sony 4K Monitor

4:37 – Saw a 4K TV at the Sony Alpha and Handycam booth on the way in. Just sayin’.

Sony Press Conference at CES 2012

4:57 – About to kick off…

5:03 – Big fancy 3D intro. Sir Howard Stringer now on stage.

5:04 – Lots of hype on the Sony brand across the spectrum.

Big on “connected devices” for the next year.

5:05 – An early look at the “cutting edge products and services.”  Mentioning 4K again.

4K TV at Alpha Booth

5:06 – Digital imaging product teaser coming shortly.  Referenced 4K again.

“Very special guests” to end the presentation.

5:08 – The New User Experience.  Sony wants to integrate across all devices. “One common ID and digital wallet.”  Lots of stuff about consuming video games, movie and TV.

5:11 – Talking about Sony Music Unlimited now.

Sony NEX-7 Parts Breakdown

Here’s an NEX-7 torn apart while we wait for the digital imaging part.

5:15 – Sony PlayMemories Online launches in the Spring for an all-in-one online storage for photos.  A Home and Mobile version are also available.

5:23 – New Experia smartphones.  12MP w/ BIONZ mobile processor.

5:27 – Phil Molyneux on stage.  He’s gonna tell us about cameras.

5:30 – Balanced Optical Steadyshot for camcorders. 13x more stability for camcorders.

5:31 – New camcorders with more built-in projectors up to 100″ images on a wall.

5:32 – Bloggie MP4 pocket camera.  “Bloggie Live” offers live streaming with built-in WiFi.  Works with Skype’s Qik.  Of course all this integrates with the PlayMemories Online.

5:33 – Talking about meeting demand with the Sony A77 and NEX-7 in the “coming months.”

5:35 – Now onto the new Sony Tablet P and is now moving on to high-end audio.

5:39 – Now on 4K.

5:41 – 4K coming to the living room. Blu-ray palyers w/ 4K upscale functions.  4K TVs in development.

5:42 – Bouncing over to 3D now, and onto movies.  And, now comes a preview for MIB 3.  Well, I’m starting to think that’s it for the cameras….

5:44 – Will Smith just walked in. No more cameras I suppose.

5:46 – Will Smith is actually talking about the A77.  Funny.

5:55 – Sounds like we’re wrapping up with no new cameras. Bummer.

5:57 – And it looks like Kelly Clarkson is going to wrap it up with a song.  She just joked that her album covers wasn’t Photoshopped at all.

That’s a wrap.