HDR Expose 2

by on December 15, 2011

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HDR Expose 2

HDR Expose 2 is a new HDR program that leverages Unified Color’s Beyond RGB color technology.  There are a gaggle of HDR programs out there and most of them seem to do very similar things.  However, I had the chance to sit down for a walk-through of the pre-release version of HDR Expose 2 at PhotoPlus in October and was stoked at what I saw this program do.

Check out this intro video to the brightness histogram for a little taste of how HDR Expose 2 works.

There’s a whole lot of cool stuff inside this program and I’ll hopefully have a deeper look at it soon, now that it is out in the wild.

HDR Expose 2 retails for $149, but is available for $129 as an introductory offer through Dec. 31.  More details on HDR Expose 2′s website.



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