A Few Great Deals on SD Cards

Lexar 32GB Class 10 Card Deal for $32.95

Lexar 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card for $32.95

If you’re picking up a new camera this holiday season for yourself or someone else, there’s a high likelihood that it will use SDHC memory cards.  The prices just keep dropping on these, which makes it easy to get a whole lot of storage space for just a little cash.

Because the fast cards are relatively inexpensive, don’t skimp or make a mistake and purchase a cheap-o SD card that will underperform.  If you want to know the ins and outs of what the SD card speed ratings and classifications mean, check out Demystifying SD Cards.  Or, just check out the deals below for my picks and solid prices on SDHC cards this month.

Lexar Platinum II 32GB SDHC card$32.95
Class 10 speed rating with a maximum transfer speed of 15MB/s.  A very good (probably the best you’ll find) price for a competent 32GB memory card.  This card is good for all HD video cameras and still images on digital cameras up to entry-level DSLRs. B&H’s price of $32.95 (w/ free shipping) is the best, although it’s still a good deal at $34.90 on Amazon right now if B&H happens to run out of stock.

Lexar Professional 16GB SDHC card$19.95
Class 10 speed rating with a max transfer speed of 20MB/s.  An excellent memory card for any situation.  Good for HD video or performance in DSLRs.

SanDisk Extreme 16GB SDHC card: Amazon$24.49 | B&H$26.49
Class 10 speed rating with a max transfer speed of 30MB/s.  Even faster than the Lexar Professional for demanding still image capture at high frame rates in advanced DSLRs.