Apple Aperture Updated to Version 3.2.2

Apple Aperture

Apple has updated Aperture 3 to version 3.2.2, which “resolves an issue that could prevent auto-imported Photo Stream images from being displayed in the library after your Photo Stream hits 1,000 images.”

The update is recommended for all Aperture 3 users.

[via Apple Support]



  1. says

    I wonder if this will adress the way it automatically starts exporting. sometimes it will export photos to my facebook without my authorization or knowledge, and I will find random posts of fotos in my timeline. Its not everyday nor can I reproduce the effect, but it keeps me scanning now.
    the prollom is that it will become a carry away process and slow down my computer so bad and bog down my cpu that I have to quit it and restart.

    it don’t make sense since I am running the newest macbook pro with the newest aperture. Anyone else having this experience to speak of?


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