Profoto Umbrella XL

Profoto Umbrella XL

Profoto has introduced a new 65″ umbrella with a slightly parabolic shape.  It is available in white, silver and translucent versions.

The Profoto Umbrella XL fits on all Profoto flash heads and monolights. It can also be mounted on Profoto’s Cine Reflector, and thereby can be used with the new line of continuous light sources – ProDaylight 800 Air and ProTungsten 1000 Air.

There is also an optional front diffuser available to soften the light and reduce the intensity by 1.5 f/stops, practically converting the white and silver models into a fully functioning Octabox. An optional stand adapter allows photographers to mount the umbrella on a light stand, or for use with other flash brands.

The Profoto Umbrella XL is available now, starting around $300.  There’s a nice introduction of the new Umbrella XL on Profoto’s blog. Check availability at B&H Photo.