New Canon 5D Mark III Rumorations

Canon 5D Mark II

How about some new juice on the Canon 5D Mark III?  Keith over at Northlight posted some interesting things he heard on the 5D Mark III, stating:

[T]he 5D2 replacement will be aimed at ‘cleaning up’ in the DSLR video market, complementing the video specific 1 series mentioned at the recent Hollywood announcement. It was also suggested that it would not be any more than 18MP, and that any higher MP camera was ‘quite some time off’.

He added that he thinks it will still be a few months before the camera is announced.

Given that the new 1D X is an 18MP full frame camera, it would make sense to expect a similar, if not the same, sensor in the 5D Mark III, along with a less ambitious AF system and frame rate capture.  I’m thinking that we might hear something more about the 5D Mark III and the new “in development” 4K Cinema DSLR prior to (or at) NAB 2012 – not that Canon won’t have plenty to show off then anyway . . . .



  1. Gary Grimes says

    The 1 D x was pretty disappointing to those of us who have no interest in sports photography. I’m hoping that the 5DIII will have enough resolution to make medium format digital obsolete. I’m also hoping for faster autofocus, faster sync speeds, and a tablet for immediately reviewing the last shot without the need for an IT department to set up the network. A built in radio flash control would be cool too, along with new radio flash units.

  2. Eric says

    Love my MK II but I just want a stills camera, keep the movie stuff to the Cinema range. I’d like better ISO performance, improved AF, HDR etc, all the usual stills wish list. ATM looking like the future for stills is either moving to the rumoured Nikon D800 or the Pentax 645D. I wouldn’t change to a MK III on what is indicated here. If I drop to 18mp I may as well go 7D – an already great camera with 1.6 factor at a lower price..

  3. says

    If those 18 MP are excellent -really outstanding respect to Mark II- in 1600 at least, and the autofocus is REALLY better, I would be glad to change to this hypotetical Mark III. But I am still waiting what happens with the Nikon 800 D.

  4. Mathai says

    Canon has been prostituting the megapixel war so far, suddenly they want to drop Mpx to better processed lower vlues like Nikon ! Interesting to hear consumers asking ” how many megapixels” than any other figures when choosing a camera ; akin to motorists wanting ever more BHP than Nm, consumption etc..

  5. Pax says

    a 5 MK111 full frame with 18 meg will be unreal bigger pot;s on the sensor than a 7D that;s a WoW. There wont be much to get into its range with all of three dedicated processors I presume it will come with?

  6. Stan says

    One feature I would really like to see is eye focus (the camera senses which focus sensor you are looking at, and auto-focus using that sensor). It was on my EOS-5 film camera (international version of the Elan 2e) from the 80’s. It worked very well 90+% of the time and it was the fastest and the most intuitive way to select the correct focus sensor. Having a pop-up flash would be nice in a pinch. Industry standard mic input jack, 5 frames /s is fast enough, 18 M+ pixel, low noise is critical, fast auto-focus, bright & large view finder, 3+” vertically articulating high res display with light sensor to automatically increase display intensity in sun light.