Phottix Strato II Flash Triggers Now Available for Sony

Phottix Sony TTL Wireless Triggers

Sony Alpha users have been a bit of the step-child amongst the wireless flash users out there.  Fortunately, Phottix has released its Strato II wireless triggers for the Sony flash mount.

Phottix claims ranges of 150+ meters.  The transmitter includes a hotshoe on top for pass-through to an on-camera flash as well.

While I haven’t used these, I have heard good things about Phottix’s triggers for Canon’s TTL system from Chris at the Phoblographer.

A transmitter and receiver pair for the Sony Alpha system costs only $98 and additional receivers are $57 each.  Details on Phottix’s website.

[Update: The post has been corrected to note that these triggers do not communicate TTL info to wireless flashes.]



  1. Wally Brooks says

    Seriously considering these for the camera that my wife is looking at, a Sony Nex. I shoot pocket wizards/Nikon and these look like the same functionality for less money. The Oden also allows for 4 groups as opposed to pocket wizards using 3. I also hope that other brands like Fuji and Panasonic might be in the works

  2. Skip says

    No way are these designed for TTL. They are TTL nothing. You can’t even mount your flash on top of the unit while it’s mounted to your camera and get feed through TTL as I thought you could. The first entry in the instruction is this —
    PLEASE NOTE: Strato Multi receivers are designed to work in Manual Exposure mode and have no TTL functions.