Firmware Friday: Canon 5D Mark II, Leica M9, Olympus E-PL3, E-PM1, Ricoh PX

Camera    Firmware Update

Below you will find this week’s firmware updates.  Hit the manufacturer website links for more details and download instructions for the firmware.

Canon 5D Mark II firmware version 2.1.1 – “1. Fixes a phenomenon where shooting stops after capturing one image when in continuous shooting or the Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) continuous shooting setting. 2. Corrects wording in the Dutch language menu screen.” [Canon website]

Leica M9 firmware version 1.174 – “This Firmware 1.174 fixes a bug that led to the faulty behaviour. Generally Leica recommends to use SD / SDHC Cards from San Disk. Until further notice, the following SD-Cards are still not recommended to use, because some misbehaviour occurred in the test phasis. – San Disk Extreme Pro SDHC I UHS-1 (all card sizes) – San Disk Extreme HD Video SDHC I (all card sizes)” [Leica website]

Olympus E-PL3 firmware version 1.1 – Eye-fi card improvements. [Olympus website]

Olympus E-PM1 firmware version 1.1 – Eye-fi card improvements. [Olympus website]

Ricoh PX firmware version 1.10 – “1. Improved the image quality that is displayed in the screen. 2. Improved the zoom operation speed while zooming.” [Ricoh website]