Fuji LX Mirrorless Camera Leaked

Fuji LX

Oh. Sweet. Goodness.

It looks like the upcoming Fuji X-series interchangeable lens camera that’s been hinted at for some time now has finally found its way onto the Internet.

Fuji LX

As expected, the body looks a lot like the Fuji X100 – with the big difference obviously being the interchangeable lenses.  According to Photo Rumors, which snagged these images from Xitek forums before they were taken down, the lenses planned to be launched alongside the camera are an 18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and a zoom lens.

Fuji LX

Fuji LX

Fuji LX

Fuji LX

Based on the hints we’ve seen and heard along the way (e.g., see leaks from the Fujiguys and the 3:00 mark of the video in this post), I would expect to see this camera with an official announcement around CES 2012 in January.



  1. Wally in Austin says

    An EVF, one hopes, an external flash, interchangabe lenses, and hopefully fewer pixals with allowinbg for high ISO & low noise. This format would be the one that all other mirrorless cameras should emulate!

  2. Scott says

    Release date will be “Late”.
    Pricetag will be high, but way under its only interchangeable lens rangefinder competition.
    Quality of glass is never an issue with Fuji.

  3. rhboks says

    If the pictures are not fake , it seems that the camera have at least Full Frame but it can be maybe bigger 30×40 ??
    I will not surprised if you know the excellent history of Fuji RF MF cameras from the past.
    (6×4.5 , 6×7, 6×9 and even 6 x 17).
    The camera on the picture remember me of the Zi 645 camera.
    I hope it will be true nobody is waiting anymore for a small sensor RF camera wing EV-finder.
    We need a big sensor and a superior quality with the comfort and easy to handle of a RF camera.

  4. says

    If it’s FF I will absolutely fall of my chair when its announced.. If its even bigger I will cry like a baby.. Fuji would kill off the whole market for photoequipment in photojournalism.. Every photojournalist would buy one, and then all the enthusiast that have been dreaming about Leica.. and so forth and so on.. If it has fast autofocus (twice the speed of the x100 at minimum), a hybrid optical viewfinder with info, and at least 0.7 meters as the closest focus, it will be such an amazing hit, that both Nikon and Canon wont know what hit them.