Spider Holster Overview

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional camera strap, take a look at this overview of the Spider Holster system from PhotoPlus 2011.  The Spider Holster does what it sounds like – it provides a holster for your DSLR that you wear on your hip.

Spider Holster System

There are measures in place in the Spider Holster system to make sure that your DSLR doesn’t slip out or get lifted by thieves.  Check out the overview video above in which Shai gives us a quick rundown of what makes the Spider Holster system work.

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    I dunno… no strap means no strap to wrap around your arm – I don’t really want to have $5k of body and lens just in my hands without any way of stopping it from dropping to the pavement if its jostled from my mitts. It happens.