SmugMug at PhotoPlus 2011

SmugMug had a packed booth at PhotoPlus 2011.  There were a number of SmugMug staff members on hand who were offering support to members on the iMacs in their booth, as well as showing off site features to prospective customers.

In the above video, SmugMug’s Director of Marketing Densie Gamboa gives a rundown of some of the new features on SmugMug. For those who may not be aware, SmugMug now gives you unlimited traffic and unlimited uploads of digital images up to 24MB in size for all accounts, as well as unlimited 1080p video uploads up to 20 minutes long and 3GB in size for Power and Pro accounts.

I’ve been a SmugMug customer for several years now and have to say that their support (the handful of times I’ve needed it) is top notch.  You’re welcome to use my referral link for $5 off if you want to sign up.  SmugMug also has a free trial available.

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