Canon EOS 300C Spec Rumors

Canon November 3 Announcement

Canon Rumors posted some specs on the Canon Unicorn camera set to be revealed later today.

  • Name: Canon EOS 300C
  • EF and PL Versions
  • Dual CF Card Slots
  • Built in ND
  • Super35 Sensor
  • HDMI and HDSDI out
  • Hot shoe mounted monitor w/ 2 XLR ins
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Also is able to record out of SDI

Aside from a couple of tweaks on this spec list, it sounds a lot like Sony’s FS100.  If this were the final spec list, I think Canon will have failed to live up to the “historic” hype. On the plus side, that spec list looks like a $6,000 or so camera.

See also yesterday’s round-up of the Canon v. RED storyline.



  1. Chuck Biddle says

    $6000 is a very low quote for a camera with the specs listed (not even taking into consideration the PL mount). An XF305 with a jack pack is $7500. To believe that a Super 35 sensor would come in priced below the XF305 would not serve to shake up the market place as much as to simply forgo the idea of profit. The above spec camera could very well be in the $9-$12k range. The form factor and lens options (hopefully with auto focus) would put this camera leaps and bounds above an fs100 or af100.

    • says

      Those are fair points Chuck, and your price range is certainly a reasonable estimate, particularly considering similarly-priced cameras like the F3. My point, however, is that such a spec list is more of “me too” camera than something “historic” as hyped by Canon.

  2. Craig says

    Nice sensor size, but is that Canon has? I was expecting MUCH more – more resolution – more over cranking. Someone has to build a RED killer.

    I speculate, with what RED will announce tonight – they are laughing now.

  3. Chuck Biddle says

    Final specs and pricing are out. I’ve never been so let down. Let’s see what Red Scarlet has to offer.