SanDisk Memory Cards Get Big Price Drops

SanDisk Extreme 16GB CF

B&H has dropped its prices on SanDisk memory cards across the board, which makes for some solid deals out there now.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I priced the SanDisk Extreme 16GB CF cards at around $63 with a volume discount.  Those same cards are now $49.95 – even if you only buy one card.

Here’s a link to all of the SanDisk stuff on sale at B&H.



  1. Alex says

    Ordered up a new card today. If this is still in effect in a few weeks I will order up a few more!

  2. EdN says

    Bought the 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro for $99.95 shipped from B&H on Wednesday morning. An hour later they raised the price to $112. I should have bought two. :(

  3. Will Robertson says

    Even at $50 they are overpriced. A 16 gig chip at the fastest class is still just a machine made product on a lightning fast assemply line. When photographers stop overpaying for everything in the photo shops prices will match value.