Reader Photos Roundup: October 30, 2011

by on October 30, 2011

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It’s time for our weekly break from the gear for a few minutes so we can enjoy another round of reader photos from the Photography Bay Flickr Group.

Check out the rest of the photos below.

Victoria Falls

Catch the Light!

Happy Sunday Walk

Middlesbrough College

Follow the line


first leg


Fall Colors Guy

Paris by night


Rain over False Bay

Dad Takes Off

Capitancillo Islet


Everything changes and nothing remains still

First light Rucar Rmania

You spin me right round baby.

Golden Beach 01

Time To Get Wet

dente de leão

Yellow Red Green

Grand Bend 01

Rainy Afternoon On Ophir Pass

The House on a Hill

Rain Reflection

hello monday!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Grasses after Sunset

Moonlit Night stars


Toronto Bound

Blue Streak



Sunset at Saltburn

Twilight Fog


BP Carnival 06-16-11-64.jpg


The Dog and the Stick 2011

Sunrise at Mesa Arch - The Side Less Seen

Plastic Flowers



Rice Field 3

My Bedroom

watching the sun

Old Homestead - Northern Wyoming

Autumn avenue.

The Fog. By R J Watson

Holding hands


bangård III

Trick or Treat? By Ian Layzell

white heart


Melting Away ~ Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland

Orange twilight over Mt. Batulao



Stugan vs. skogen

False Bay at dawn

You can mouse over any photo for title and photographer names. Additionally, clicking on the photos will take you to its Flickr page where you can read more about the shot, leave a compliment or connect with the photographer.

As always, thanks for being a part of Photography Bay and sharing your work with the rest of us.

If you missed out on this round of reader photos, feel free to join in on the fun and add your photos to the Photography Bay Flickr Group and maybe we’ll get you next time.



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1 m r poluri November 4, 2011 at 3:29 am

awesome pics. great job photographers. i really enjoyed watching them.

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