5D Mark II Film ‘Act of Valor’ Gets Official Trailer

Act of Valor

The first official Act of Valor trailer is out.  We’ve been hearing Shane Hurlbut (Act of Valor’s cinematographer) talk about this film for many months now.  Back in June we learned that Relativity Media picked it up for $13 Million.

(Push the resolution up to 720p and full screen the trailer below…)

This film was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II along with a combination of Zeiss and Panavision lenses.  This was with the Zeiss ZE‘s before they released the CP.2 models that have the great cinematic focus throw.  I think some of the film was shot with the 7D as well; however, I don’t recall where I read that.

While the 5D Mark II has made its way into the headlines for lots of other things, including that one episode of House, I don’t know that it has faced a bigger litmus test than this.  I’ve heard/read from Hurlbut about how well the camera will hold up on a 60-foot screen over the past several months.  Come February, the rubber meets the road for a feature length film that is already gaining some mainstream excitement.

If this film plays on screen as well as the trailer plays, proof meets pudding and the democratization of filmmaking is set on fire.  Here’s looking forward to February…

In the mean time, pick up that HDSLR and go shoot something worthwhile.  If you dig HDSLR video and want to learn how it’s done right, check out the Hurlblog where Shane gets down to the nitty gritty of cinematography and HDSLR filmmaking.



    • Daniel says

      Maybe, but it beats the hell out of the Anti-American propaganda hollywood normally puts out.