Photoshop Image Deblurring

Image enhance just got real folks.  Check out the sneak peek of Adobe’s new “deblurring” tool in the shaky-cam video from Adobe MAX below.

Coming soon in Photoshop “CSI.”

Seriously though, this technology could show up in Photoshop CS6 next Spring.



  1. MinnesotaSteve says

    I keep looking for a reason not to upgrade Photoshop and they keep adding features that were the CS5 killer features.

    But – the innovation around them is so great I end up owning a large number of plug-ins. So saving on Photoshop would allow more plug-in purchases.

    Damn you Adobe!

    • says

      Sorry Dash, but no. That was intended as a joke and crack on the TV show ‘CSI’ given the funny outtakes on the top video. Most likely that will be called CS6 and will be released in the spring.

  2. martin says

    Sorry, I tried to watch the 2nd video ‘Adobe MAX 2011 – Photoshp Image Deblurring sneak’, but only get a message that it is private.

    How shall I proceed?