Sony Full Frame 36MP Camera to Follow Nikon D800

Sony A99

Recent rumors purport to make the Nikon D800 a “sure thing” for a 2011 announcement.  While a follow-up to the Nikon D700 is overdue in terms of camera life expectancy, the biggest “shocker” of the rumor suggests a 36MP full frame sensor in the D800.

Nikon has relied on Sony for its past full frame sensors, and so, it seems logical that Sony would make use of such a sensor in its own Alpha-series DSLRs as well (as in the Nikon D3X and Sony A900 models).  And that me be what’s to come with a new full frame Sony camera sporting the same 36MP Sony sensor to be found in the Nikon D800.

Sony Alpha Rumors received a tip that suggests a full frame Sony camera that uses Sony’s translucent mirror technology will be announced early 2012.  I would have to believe that Sony wants to get this model out in time for CES, where Sony always has a massive (and generally impressive) showing.



  1. paulus says

    Nice proposition, but you’ll need a hell of a computer to work those pictures.
    And still the pixel per inch is less then the D7000/D5100, so it must be possible to have nice low-noise pictures at high ISO values.