Adobe Premiere Pro and Prod. Premium 50% Off Thru Oct. 31

Adobe Production Premium

Adobe Premiere Pro and Production Premium are still available for 50% off through the end of October.

If you want to do any serious video shooting with your DSLR (or other video camera), you need a decent non-linear editing program to cut your footage.  While consumer programs like iMovie will definitely get you started, you’ll quickly find some limitations as you get more into it.

Apple’s recent debacle with Final Cut Pro X really stirred the pot and caused a lot of pro editors to look for other options.  Adobe jumped on the chance and offered a half-off deal on Premiere Pro, which is Adobe’s NLE and direct competitor to Apple Final Cut Pro.  Production Premium is a huge bundle of software that contains Premiere Pro, After Effects Photoshop CS5 Extended, Audition, Illustrator, Flash Professional, Encore and On Location.

The entire bundle of all these programs is less than the price of the standalone Photoshop CS5 Extended, which is included in the bundle!

This is a stupid-cheap deal that will be gone at the end of the month.  Get it while it lasts.