Shooting Alex Honnold’s Free Climb Up the 1600′ Sentinel

Alex Honnold

As I was flipping through the channels tonight, I landed on 60 Minutes’ feature on Alex Honnold, who free climbs up huge rock faces.  He does stuff without a rope that no other person can do – or at least is willing to do.

The story alone is compelling enough to hear; however, 60 Minutes did a bang up job of capturing it on video with a mix of 14 ENG, DSLRs and GoPro cameras.  They mounted GoPro cameras on the rock wall, on the film crew climbers on the wall and even on Alex’s chalk bag belt (until he decided to ditch it mid-climb).

The story is worth a watch with its solid visuals.  I’ve got a thing with heights and it makes my hands sweat just thinking about the show as I type this.  Really scary footage.  Big kudos to 60 Minutes for this one. You can watch the story here on 60 Minutes’ website.

Additionally, there a behind-the-scenes short that goes a little into the setup of how they shot this piece, which you can find here on 60 Minutes’ website. Again, kudos.