Astronaut’s Photography Manual

NASA Astronaut's Photography Manual

The NASA Astronaut’s Photography Manual is a concise 40 page manual that covers all you need to know for your next vacation on the Moon. 

From the manual:

This Astronaut’s Photography Manual has been prepared by Hasselblad in close cooperation with the Training and Man-Machine Divisions at the Johnson Space Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. As a guidebook for the NASA Photography Training Program, it not only describes the operation of the Hasselblad 500 EL/M cameras used on the U. S. Space Shuttle but is also a concise manual on photography to assist astronauts in creating the best possible space photographs.

You can download the entire manual as a PDF from Hasselblad’s website here.

[via Universe Today]



  1. Jim Wilmer says

    I assume that NASA gives all astronauts training in photography with this $30,000+ Hasselblad camera before liftoff. I cannot imagine that a properly trained astronaut would need a booklet of this poor quality tucked away in the rucksack. I mean, the drawings of the camera and lenses are terrible. Why not take good close-up shots of the physical details of the camera and then use a computer program to draw lines to points of interest on the image and add brief text?