Sony Offers Performance Improvement for NEX-5N Audio “Clicking” Problem

Sony NEX-5N

Sony has posted a statement on its support website, which offers a performance improvement for the clicking problem that occurs when recording video on the NEX-5N.

The support statement provides as follows:

We have received reports of a “clicking” sound which may be heard in the audio playback of movies recorded by the NEX-5N camera. This phenomenon occurs if the camera undergoes sudden motion while recording; motion generally inconsistent with smooth video recording. The video is unaffected by this sound.

In accordance with Sony’s policy of continuous product improvement, an adjustment has been developed to reduce the clicking sound resulting from sudden motion during movie recording.

Sony will offer this performance improvement to NEX-5N end users during the period of its limited warranty accompanying the product. Please call 888-868-7392 to arrange for this improvement.

Based on my experience with the camera, the claim that clicking only occurs during sudden motion is inaccurate.  I have repeatedly encountered the problem in normal usage. While I can appreciate Sony’s desire to diminish the magnitude of the “clicking” sound phenomenon, ordinary handheld panning is enough to cause the excessive clicking noise on the audio track as outlined in my Sony NEX-5N First Impressions Review.

Additionally, Sony’s statement only claims to reduce this problem – NOT eliminate it, which still isn’t good enough in my opinion.

The NEX-5N has all the potential to be a complete solution for many consumers and enthusiasts; however, the inability to handhold the camera during video capture without the “clicking” problem is holding it back.  Let’s hope Sony develops a complete solution for NEX-5N owners sooner rather than later.