Canon EOS Video Camera Rumored Specs

Canon’s big tease has sparked a lot of commentary and speculation about what’s coming on its November 3rd announcement.  While there are sure to be plenty of rumors, and maybe some leaks as we lead up to the big date, a GTC forum member apparently claimed to see the camera and its specs.

The rumored specs include two mount options – Canon EF mount and a PL mount.  Additionally, the leakster claims that the camera sports a Super35 4K sensor.

The full rumor rundown is below.

Don’t tell anyone but I have seen specs and pics of the new cameras and I’d say they are more closely competing with the FS100/AF100 cameras, but will give the F3 a very good run for the money.

They will be badged as EOS, despite the fact they are video cameras, and there will be two versions – one for EF lenses, the other with an PL mount. I’m guessing here but the PL mount camera may offer more options than the EF version – e.g. SDI out and genlock… etc in the same way that the XF300/305 cameras have differentiated themselves.

Its a Super35 4K sensor, but from what I have seen only records 1080 in-camera, using the same XF codec – i.e. 4:2:2 @ 50mbps. Perhaps the PL version will output 4K thru SDI?

The size of the camera looks similar to that of the FS100, but more rounded/ergonomic. It has a similar LCD screen on top, but it seems more flexible – i.e. allowing for greater viewing angle/for versatility.

This could be a killer camera, and one well worth waiting for if any of you guys are thinking of buying a F3/FS100 or AF100…

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