Top 10 Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Lens Reviews on Amazon

Sigma 200-500mm

The Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 lens is a $26,000 beast of a lens.  It’s also one that few photographers will ever hope to own.  But that didn’t stop several people from reviewing the lens on Amazon with some rather humorous takes on what the lens has fictitiously done for them.

The sample images are pretty entertaining too…

Sigma 200-500mm Sample Image

Sigma 200-500mm Sample Image via

A brief sampling of the reviews:

  1. Some may feel that this lens is a tad pricey but many forget about the needless things in their life that they can sell in order to purchase this beast. I immediately sold my vehicle because I was finally able to convince myself that I only use my vehicle a couple hours out of the day.
  2. I bought this lens about 11 months ago, today I used it to spot Osama Bin Laden and then when I turned from AF to MF, I killed him. Justice has been done
  3. I purchased this lens with the intent to look back in space-time and see the Big Bang unfold first hand.
  4. Build quality is pretty nice since the body is constructed of 100% pure unobtainium, and there’s not a lot of that around these days anymore. The battery pack straps chafed my shoulders. I think, given the price, something with a little padding wouldn’t be too much to ask, but I ordered the Hello Kitty Large Backpack which seems to do better.
  5. By sliding the switch to AF mode (automatic frequency) the Sigma spits out a tingly blanket of high energy gamma rays.
  6. It’s a must for anyone and everyone. Especially photographers. I myself don’t even own a camera, but still love this thing.
  7. The AF mode created what I’ll call the entry “portal” and the MF mode created what I call the exit “portal”. By taking these two shots I’m able to walk into one “portal” and out of the other.
  8. I tried this lens while shooting birds at Yosemite but the park ranger called the SWAT team on me because he thought I was trying to bazooka the wildlife. End of trip.
  9. When it got finally got here I was pretty upset to find out that the green is more like a 68-90-37 than the 68-90-35 that is CLEARLY shown in the picture. Hello? I’m a photographer! Colors matter!
  10. I take lots of outdoor pictures of my extended family who happens to live 30 minutes away.

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