Canon Full-Frame Camera Rumors

Canon Full Frame Camera

What would you say about a lower resolution full-frame camera from Canon?  Something more like the 12MP of the original 5D, but with improved noise handling of the newer DSLRs?  Hmm…

Sounds good, eh?

Canon Rumors has received several tips that a more affordable full-frame camera may find its way into Canon’s DSLR line.  While Canon Rumors doesn’t associate any overwhelming credibility to the tips, it’s a rumor that has been stewing recently.  Remember that 6D that appeared on Canon’s website a while back?

So, again, it begs the question . . . .  What’s the sweet-spot for a low-end full frame DSLR in terms of megapixels, ISO, body-size, and price of such a camera?  Any other specs that should or shouldn’t be included on it?



  1. Craig says

    You mean a 12 MP, low noise, full frame camera, sort of like the Nikon D700?

    Canon is going to have to do something else.

  2. says

    It depends how they price it. The first gen 5D goes for 900-1200 used. The 5D MKII runs around 2200-2800. If Canon sold it in the 1500-1700 range and gave it movie capabilities it would probably do well, as Nikon doesn’t have a FF that can take video at that price range. Sure it’s got the D7000, but it’s not FF.

  3. Alfredo Terriaca says

    A mi entender , como fotografo profesional , desde hace 23 años creo sinceramente que Canon tiene que reemplazar urgente su linea de camaras fullframe , empezando con una EOS 5 Mark III , o como ellos la quieran llamar , pero ya tiene que salir urgente el reemplazo .Pero que pasa segun veo las cosas yo que estoy en la tribuna , no en la cancha como se dice , por lo menos acà en la Argentina , que Canon parece esperar hasta ultimo momento si Nikon su eterna rival presenta algo parecido o superior o inferior , y recien salir a la cancha a jugar .
    Tambien quiero decir que pronto vamos a ver reporteros graficos con càmaras Sony y lentes Sony en todas las canchas del mundo , en futbool, tenis , atletismo , etc, etc. Sony pisa fuerte , con su nueva Alpha A77 , cuidado se viene a la que la reemplaza a la Alpha 900 , dicen que va ser de otro mundo con todas las caracteristicas importantisimas , que muchos años hemos querido que tenga una camara profesional , altas novedades, wi-fi, GPS, un material nuevo en su construcciòn que reemplaza al magnesio , cuidado Sony es la tercera potencia , muy pronto va a cortar una cabeza , para ser segunda , la pregunta es ¿ a quien ?, Sera Canon , sera Nikon , el tiempo lo dirà . Hasta pronto .-

  4. martin says

    I do not see much sense in Canon making a 12MP full frame DSLR for better high iso/noise performance – a major argument has been given already by Craig (i.e. like Nikon D700 ??), furthermore, considering the already very good high iso/low noise performance of 5D Mark II in combination with the expected Digic 5 (Ref. S100 and SX40 HS) and further improvements of the sensor, there will be simply not much need for even better high iso/noise performance offered by a lower resolution full frame sensor (only very few people buy a new DSLR to shoot at iso 25’600 or more).

    A new lower resolution camera (e.g. 12MP) makes far more sense, if it is very high speed (20 fps ?), for sports and fast action, and it then will require a substantially upgraded autofocus.

  5. martin says

    I missed an important point in my previous comment:
    a lower resolution high speed camera will also require a vastly upgraded shutter/mirror mechanism, which would be a big challenge for full frame (e.g. moving the large mirror quickly enough) and consequently will make the camera difficult to design and very expensive.

  6. znajit says

    Well if the camera had equivalent dynamic range to HDR shot in one shot, than off course one would think of buying it without question. Unfortunately I see canon going more towards 36M+ with next full frame sensor body. Higher res using smaller pix but by back-illuminated (BSI) such high res with smaller pixel is possible and more appealing Vs low end DSLR’s stepping into the sub 20M pix space.
    What’s even more important from both Nikon and Canon are features related to remote control via smart phone, built in wi-fi remote for flash and external microphones is far more important now days with movie capability. Some simple features such as extending the exposure time >30sec, tilt LCD, better focusing sensor including contrast based fast focus in live view, finger touch to select light reading area on viewer and many more similar features to improve pic quality which after all camera’s primary task.

  7. says

    As a sports shooter in the snowboarding industry I’d like to see Canon come out with a full frame camera (full sized body), 12 MP, that shoots 8-10 fps, can handle burst of 40 shots in Raw, has great high iso performance and is priced under $6K. Video and all the other gimmicks I could care less about. Is that so much to ask for?

    • says

      And to clarify on my last post I meant full frame sensor in a full sized camera body (one with verticsl grip like mark III, mark IV, etc)

  8. Magangu says

    Give us a top of the line price competitive full frame Photographic camara 24 MP superb high iso resolution 8-10fps and forget all the video non-sense….i just want to take pics not video

  9. Steve says

    I would like to see a full-frame camera without the video nonsense. How about making cameras again. Lower price with 12 MP and fast shutter would be great!

  10. says

    Damn right, we need Canon to announce a smaller pixel density, higher resolution, Big Body pro camera. “Oh yes”, and with the new features like “In Camera Panorama,s” and “Intellectual Auto” as well as “Smile Detection” All these features are in Sony NEX 5 & 7 . Also, the obvious, “Newer” twin digital processors, better self cleaning chip, larger articulated LCD, 30 to 35 Mega pixel and larger view finder.
    “How long has this been going on”… Come on Canon make the announcment, you will at least sell one!