Amazon Class 10 SDHC Cards On Sale

Amazon Class 10 SDHC Card

Amazon has its Class 10 SDHC cards discounted through October 2.  The discounts range from marginal to substantial; however, all of the prices are still good deals. For example, the 16GB cards are currently $23.49 and the 8GB cards are $10.34.  Complete details here at

I’ve never used the Amazon Basics-branded cards before, but the ratings from users show that they are mostly well-regarded.  Here is one detailed review that looks at speed comparisons among Amazon and Transcend Class 10 cards and show that these Amazon Basics cards perform quite well.

The Class 10 rating is a rating intended for evaluating video capture performance.  In this case, Class 10 is the fastest rating currently available for video performance, which means these will work with just about every HD video camera on the market today.  For a more detailed explanation of SDHC card classes and speed ratings, check out my prior article on Demystifying SD Cards.