New Canon Cameras This Week

Remember the recent reports that there would be another Canon announcement in mid-September?  Well it looks we’ll see something from Canon on Tuesday this week.

Canon Rumors received a tip that new PowerShot models will be announced on Tuesday.  These new models may or may not include refreshed versions of the Canon SX30 IS, S95 and G12. Logical names for new models would be the PowerShot SX40 HS, S100 and G13.

It’s fairly typical in recent years to see annual upgrades to these model lines, so none of these models should come as a surprise.  The Canon PowerShot SX30 IS and G12 were announced on September 14, 2010.  Accordingly, a follow-up announcement will be right on time for this Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there has been no word on any new pro-level gear to be announced this week.

Stay tuned for the latest.