Nikon Announces No Announcement

Nikon Announcement or Not

In a strange press release, Nikon has announced that it has made no announcement.

See the full non-announcement press release below (note the rather ironic disclaimer at the bottom).

Comments on Media Reports about Nikon’s imaging product

September 9, 2011

Nikon understands that some article appeared in the media regarding Nikon’s imaging product. Please note that Nikon has made no announcement in this regards.

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.



    • says

      I think about that every single day. If I had the capital, I’d start my own business and make just that, an American made DSLR system.

  1. says

    And how much do you think a great DSLR camera made in America would cost to make and would the public shell out the money to buy it? The only way I see it happening is if it was a game changing camera due to very creative, innovative features that neither Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Casio, FujiFilm, Kodak, Leica, Olympus, Samsung, Sigma, Hassleblad, just to mention a few in this WIDE OPEN, uncompetitive arena, don’t have. LOL LOL LOL

  2. Me says

    Made in the USA? Would happen once assembly line workers come to the realization that they should earn $13/hour because of no post education and not have these stupid unions demand $20+/hour for these people … thus no jobs because they should not be making that and the companies can’t pay that for monkey work. The downfall of USA manufacturing … the unions.

    • says

      It’s a shame isn’t it? It’s the very reason why companies can’t afford to pay their employees so they send the jobs overseas. Thus, impacting America’s economy, GDP, morale, etc.

  3. LG says

    No Unions? Let’s see… NO health care, NO company paid life insurance, 80 hour work weeks, NO vacations, CHILD LABOR. Don’t forget who got those perks for you!!!

    Now for Nikon, it is about time they brought out the D400!

  4. says

    So it is unions that are responsible for companies paying for health care and life insurance, perks I’ve had since I’ve entered the workforce but never paid a single union due. Nice try. Yes, 80 hour work weeks might happen but 40 of those hours would be paid at time and a half as mandated by federal law. Oh, and speaking of federal law, I think they also cover against child labor. Again, no need for the unions there. Vacations: well, that is definitely on a company by company basis, but if one doesn’t like the policy then one doesn’t need to work there.

    Good talent doesn’t stick around at a crappy company for long. Stuck in your (dead end) job? Don’t rely on a union to get you better pay, better vacation, better health care and less hours. How about fending for yourself and improving yourself with more training or education and then leave that crappy company for some company that appreciates your talent?

    Unions are not much different than government welfare but at the company level.

    • says

      Actually most companies give you things like health insurance and some vacation so you won’t try to form a union. I know that I have worked a company that had specific rules against try to form a union and offered some sort of health insurance an vacation time just to keep works from wanting to. However the health insurance they did offer turned out not to even meet my states standard which they were legally required to. I’m in Massachusetts where you HAVE to have health insurance or the make you pay a penalty on your taxes. So all employers that do offer health insurance are required to offer ones that at least meets the states minimum standards.

      It’s a sad but true fact that unions help get the employees better treatment for their companies. Now, do some unions abuse this? Yes. That’s bond to happen when you have humans organizing something. I mean, look at the government. But given the chance a company would have you working for $10 a day because they are run by people who are more interested in profit than actually giving people actual innovation. Unions and the fear that employees may try to form one keep companies in check. Well, that is those companies that can’t just start sending work overseas where they couldn’t afford the risk it would take to even start one.

  5. Stan says

    The technology to produce a fine digital camera in the USA( or Europe) no longer exists. Much of imaging and camera design and processing is done in the USA, particularly Silicon Valley and environs, but the actual product production( plant facilities, workers, various components) is Asian . It is theoretically possible to create such facilities in the USA and train workers to produce the products, but the entire project would be so costly and time consuming that it would be impractical. Moreover, the final product cost would be several multiples of what the products from Asia are now marketed for.

  6. Sundeep says

    How about cutting nikon some slack? I am also desperate to hear of the replacements for the d300 and 700. But the Japanese have had a few other things to think about this year – hopefully it will be worth the wait .

  7. Jim Wilmer says

    Who built the game-changing Hubble telescope (and yes, its corrective lenses)? I know, I know…expensive…very expensive, but we’ve clearly got the technology and the minds to put optical concept and design together. Keeping labor and hardware at reasonable costs are other considerations entirely. In that regard I agree with the posters above who like to laugh out loud repeatedly. NLOL.

    • Todd says

      Broken mirror: Perkin-Elmer
      Backup, which was actually a better mirror: Eastman Kodak
      Repair optics: Ball Aerospace
      James Webb Space Telescope Mirrors: Axsys Technologies

      These are all defense contractors. This country is unmatched in defense, but Democrats want us to surrender that capability for more welfare payments.

      • Jim Wilmer says

        Thanks for the information, Todd. Seriously. Defense contractors or not, astigmatic mirrors or not on the first try, this country still has immense capabilities in optics and related technologies to view back in space 14+ billion years and capture the images with high resolution at nearly absolute zero degrees temperature. I don’t think Nikon, Canon, Zeiss, or Leica have equaled the accomplishment. (And yes, once again I will acknowledge the deep pockets of the American public.) It appears as if the Democrats and Republicans came together on funding this one, but I don’t want to discuss politics on the Photography Bay web site.

        • says

          Non political reference, but I think America has become complacent with others doing our work for us. Think about it. We are the innovators of the World! No nation in history has matched our speed or amount of innovation. From the first incandescent light bulb by Thomas Edison to the now omnipresent LED by Nick Holonyak. We’re unparalleled, and if we just flexed our creative muscles we would once again be amazed at what we can produce!

  8. Peter G says


    That’s a great idea! Us Nikon users don’t want to associate with people who cannot SPELL. Sayonara….:-)

  9. says

    I am currently my fifth Nikon, the D300. I am still very impressed with such and do not feel switching to another brand is a good thing to do. I have 18-200, 180mm f2.8, 50mm 1.4, 18-70, and love them all

  10. alamond says

    you all makes me laugh – trade unions, Nikon, Canon …
    I believe, that these is a photo community, so get away with politics …
    And yes, Canon rules!

  11. Joe says

    Yeah, 40 hour work week. Haven’t had one of those in a while. No overtime, because I sit behind a desk. Vacation? Haven’t had one of those in a few years. No Child labor. Yeah, they did that.

    Lost a bonus because I picked up a broom. Didn’t mean to take a union member’s job, just wanted to keep people from tripping.

    There was a time for them. No longer.

  12. Scott Miller says

    Made in the USA….

    Well, although it is a bit pricier than a HDSLR, it is massively cheaper than its nearest competitors, made in Europe or Japan….

    The Red One and Epic are made in Orange County………

  13. photographer 1234567890 says

    To Richard:

    Camera companies love people like you; jumping ship for undisclosed, inarticulate reasons. Whatever issues you had with Nikon WILL NOT GO AWAY by switch to Canon. Your crapy pictures have nothing to do with which camera company you use because the CAMERA DOES NOT TAKE THE PICTURE, THE PHOTOGRAPHER DOES!

    Canon has better video (I haven’t tested the D5100 yet, but it is a low end build and price point), so if you are disappointed with Nikon video, then get a Canon for video, but Nikon has better functioning cameras than Canon for stills. Pick your tool, but neither Nikon or Canon are crap, just that each one has its specialty (video or stills).

    I have found that the people who post critical comments like: its crap, or f— this or that, usually do not take many pictures, spending all their time debating and dissing products on forums!

    Turn off your computer and go take some pictures, and if you don’t like the results put your energy into learning how to be a better photographer and leave the reviews for people that have something intelligent and factual to say!