‘Bad is Bad’ Feature-length Indie Film Shot on a Canon 7D, Available Free on Vimeo

Bad is Bad

We’ve seen such a democratization of filmmaking over the past 3 years.  ‘Bad is Bad’ is more proof of that.  Kent Lamm and Chris Fornataro used a Canon 7D and a shoestring budget to shoot their first feature-length film last summer.

Bad is Bad is our first feature length movie. It was written when we were 19 and shot when we were 20. Our total budget was about $6,000. We filmed it in 18.5 days in Richmond, Virginia in the summer of 2010 using the Canon 7d (which made up a quarter of our budget alone).

Check out the trailer below.

You can see the entire film on Vimeo here.

You can also read more about the behind the scenes over at Philip Bloom’s site.



  1. forkboy1965 says

    If they’re trying to make me bad for only shooing pictures with my 7D…. it’s working.


  2. James Manuel says

    My friend Jomon T John (Camera), also shot one movie with canon EOS 7D. A wonderful film in Malayalam language last year (Kerala, India)- “Chappa Kurishu). Here you can see the theme song of the moview. Awesome.