Toshiba FlashAir SDHC Card with Wireless LAN Communication

Toshiba FlashAir SDHC

Toshiba has announced a new SDHC card that features embedded wireless LAN communication for both downloads and uploads on a wireless network.  The new FlashAir card allows you to use devices that are compliant with the new standard to share images back and forth among them.

Additionally, for devices that don’t yet include the standard, you will still be able to communicate with the card for uploads and downloads.  For example, in these cases, the card itself can share images with a smartphone for instant upload to photo sharing websites.

The FlashAir cards will be fully compliant with the SDHC standard and will work on the 802.11b/g/n wireless standards with the ability for WEP, TKIP, AES (WPA, WPA2) encryption.  Samples should start shipping in November – with retail availability coming in February 2012.