CineSkates Turn a Gorillapod into a Versatile Skater Dolly


CineSkates are the brain child of MIT grad, Justin Jensen.  These snap on wheels turn the Gorillapod Focus into a skater dolly and so much more.

Check out the video below for the intro from Jensen as he pitches his KickStarter campaign (which has more than met its goal at this point).

[via Joby]



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    Thanks for the great article! You can get CineSkates at the discounted prices of $150 for the CineSkates and $275 for the System that includes the GorillaPod Focus and BallHead X. Get those prices by becoming a Kickstarter backer: We’re also working to get our ordering system up on our site, but the Kickstarter page will offer the best pricing. Thanks!! Justin

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