Next Big Canon Announcement in Mid-September [Updated]

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

A reliable tipster sent in word that we’ll be hearing more from Canon in mid-September.  It should be the 13th or 20th – most likely it will be Sept. 13 (Canon loves Tuesdays).

I think this announcement is going to be an interesting “pro” gear announcement.  And, while I don’t have any guarantees that this is lenses or camera bodies, I have a suspicion that we’ll see either the 1Ds Mark IV or 5D Mark III.

Personally, I’m leaning more toward the 1Ds Mark IV based on what I’ve seen and heard lately; however, Canon Rumors is fairly confident that the 5D Mark III will be announced in October and more PowerShots in September.  And while CR’s take is generally pretty reliable, rumors have been all over the map during this latest product cycle.  If CR is right, then expect a replacement to the PowerShot G12 and S95 to pop up – and maybe we’ll get some lenses then, but most likely the “pro” gear will be revealed in October.

It’s certainly time for a new 5D in the product cycle; however, the 1Ds Mark III is also very long in tooth for a DSLR.

What’s your most wished-for “pro” Canon product?

[Update: Northlight Images seems to also have a reliable source confirming the 1Ds Mark III-replacement for mid-September as well.  See the Aug. 25 entry.  I suppose we could have the same source, but I haven’t heard a specific 1Ds4 confirmation yet.  How about it sources?  Can we get some more corroboration?]



  1. Pravash says

    I am considering picking up the 7D, asap – But if there is an improved version likely to come out in the immediate future – might like to wait for a while!
    Wonder what the Canon guys have up their sleeves???

  2. Kevin says

    I’m sure there will be camera announcement this month, I have observed canon’s habbit on product release. And I had conclude that 1D series camera is on it’s way. Just have to make sure it doesn’t had flip LCD!

  3. Susan R. says

    Please fix your focus issues. I am thinking of selling all my Canon gear and going to Nikon. I get about 70% or less shots that are in focus. AI Servo? Does anyone get a shot that is in focus? Canon just can’t focus in low light.

  4. says

    My most wished for Canon product would be a sized down version of my 1Ds Mark III (or new v. IV) . No exotic “prosumer” bells and whistles. A serious still DSLR without all the heft that can act as an identical file size back up and light weight version for discrete venues. Unfortunately Canon does not see this as a profitable market….at least not until more photographers make a little noise. Lets see what mid September and October bring!

  5. says

    I bought the 7D earlier this summer. Cannont be more pleased. Will not be disappointed if they launch an upgrade to it now. I bought it when they had $100 off.

  6. says

    I’m a longtime convert from Nikon to Canon, but have concerns. Nikon skunks Canon in noise levels at high ISO’s, Canon’s 24-70 is outdated, Nikon’s and SonyZeiss make it look pretty bad.
    The 5DMkII was one of the greatest cameras ever built, changed photography, but so was the
    Canon F-1, time to move on.

  7. Chris says

    Personally I just want a high ISO system that can match the D3s. The 1D4 does a good job but canons High ISO is just crap compared…. and when it comes to Sports you really need to be able to keep that shutter speed up and having good ISO range really helps.

  8. Bill Reedy says

    Mike Flower……Well said !…..The last thing needed is an even more monstrous device. Give us a Camera that produces superlative Images …….forget all the Whizbangs !