Nikon Mirrorless Camera Coming Aug. 24, No DSLRs?

Nikon X810

Nikon X810 Mirrorless Project Camera

Oh no.  Is next week really going to come and go without a new Nikon DSLR?  It looks like that may happen. 

Nikon Rumors is now saying that next week will only lead to an announcement for its new mirrorless camera and some new Coolpix point and shoot cameras.

What about the D4 and D800 that were a lock for that date just a few weeks ago?  Maybe Nikon has finally plugged its leaky holes that we’ve become so accustomed to hearing from over the past couple of years.  And maybe Nikon is throwing out a little misdirection on what new models may or may not be coming out.

If so, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  If Nikon is locking down the hatches on info slipping out the cracks, is the company underestimating that hype that its user base is building up for the launch of the products?

And seriously, what about the D4, D800 and D400?  I’m quite certain that some Nikon-faithful may spontaneously combust if we don’t see a new pro-level Nikon DSLR very soon.

Rumblings are already building for another Nikon event in September though, so don’t blow just yet.



  1. Eje Gustafsson says

    Would be a sad day if no dSLR was announced. I been holding on for months waiting for what they will release hoping for something nice. Even gave up present on my birthday in hope of a belated birthday present on Aug 24th almost 20 days late. .. If this might be true then I guess I don’t get a birthday present this year unless Sept is the real date.