Lightroom 3 for $150 – Deal of the Week [Updated]

[Update: It’s now $149.99 at Amazon and NewEgg.  Wow!  Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed me about this deal.]

Lightroom 3 is currently available at B&H Photo for $179.95 thanks to a $100 instant savings through August 20.

Also look for similar prices on (either direct or through third-party sellers on Amazon).  There are a couple of deals a few dollars lower than B&H; however, make sure you don’t get tagged for shipping charges that jack up the price.

For those unaware, Lightroom 3 is a RAW image processing program that makes life working with RAW files so much easier.  These sale prices have been popping up frequently this year, so I would hate to see someone miss the deals and pick it up at the full $300 retail.