Canon 1Ds Mark IV Listing Pops Up on Official Canon Site

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Canon 1Ds Mark IV on Canon Website

When I first saw this list for extended warranty options showing the Canon 1Ds Mark IV, I figured it was a typo since it’s pretty common to see the 1D Mark IV mistakenly listed as the 1Ds Mark IV (even on some of Canon’s sites).

However, this was actually a separate listing from the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds Mark III, already in the chart above.  And, the 1Ds Mark IV listing was a different price.

While it may seem odd that a newer 1Ds Mark IV has a lower extended warranty price than the older 1Ds Mark III, the same is true with the 5D and 5D Mark II (and other succeeding models) in the same list.  You can see it here if the listing stays up.

We’ve been wondering for a while now whether the next Canon 1-series would be a 1D Mark V or a 1Ds Mark IV model (or if the two would merge into one).

This may or may not hint at the answers to those questions. What say you?

[Thanks for the tip G.  Keep’em coming.]

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  1. Andre says

    Yeah,I have a feeling this is a fake!

    u can go to and in Indonesia, the distributor is datascript. Any extended warranty is via datascript.

    Furthemore we are using IDR (*indonesian Rupiah) not a USD / SGD.

    i think e guy just pissing off everyone about it…