Kingston 16GB SD Card for $20 – Deal of the Day

Kingston Class 10 SDHC Memory Card

Amazon has dropped the price of the 16GB Kingston UltimateX 100x SDHC card to $19.99 in its Goldbox Deal of the Day.  This card is also a Class 10 card, so it should handle HD video capture for pretty much every HDSLR and HD camcorder out today.  (Learn more about SD card speeds and ratings.)

These are also eligible for free shipping if you spend over $25, which is a good enough reason to pick up a couple if you’re in need of more storage.



  1. says

    I don’t know why some flash memory card manufacturers still insist on printing the X multiplier ratings as it doesn’t paint its true performance. I remember Kingston and Transcend used to sell 133x speed cards many years ago, long before there were official SDHC Class ratings.

    Does that mean those old 133x cards are faster than Kingston’s Class 10 100x SDHC card reviewed in this post? At least SanDisk comes out clean by stating their throughput speeds on their products.