250 Cameras and Speedlights Make a Wild Light Show

250 Camera and Flash Light Show

In the below videos, Japanese band Androp makes use of 250 camera and speedlights to create a spectacular lighting effect in a video for their song Bright Siren.

The lighting effect is claimed to be 100% real with no CGI, and created by a computer program that coordinates the flash firing.

Here’s the behind the scenes video as well:

Before you start doing the math on the Canon 60D and Speedlite combos, it does not appear that they actually used 250 Canon 60Ds and current-model Speedlites.

While the behind-the-scenes video leads us on that there are that many Canon 60Ds and Canon Speedlites in use, there are clearly other camera and flash models being used (see the frame grabs below).  The BTS and main music video cleverly conceal the identity of those cameras. (I’m pretty sure I spied a Vivitar 285 or two in there though.)

Nonetheless, it’s still a fascinating effect, particularly when you take a look at Androp’s site and see some of the image captured by the cameras on the shelf during the video.

[via PetaPixel]