More Sony A77 Images Leaked

Sony A77

The above image may very well be the new Sony A77, which is set to be launched next month.

We’ve been waiting so long for a true follow-up to the Sony A700, so Sony Alpha shooters are undoubtedly awaiting this camera’s arrival.  Another image of the backside of this configuration is below.

Sony A77

Not much new is revealed that we don’t already know about the Sony A77.  It’s an APS-C format camera with a 24MP EXMOR CMOS sensor, Sony’s proprietary translucent mirror technology found in other cameras like the Sony A55, 1920 x 1080 AVCHD video capture and an articulating LCD.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until next month to see the final specs of the camera, but it is looking to be a pretty hot ticket for Sony Alpha shooters.

[Dyxum via SonyAlphaRumors]



  1. says

    Waitaminute! No pop-up flash for the “flagship” prosumer body from Sony? No built-in controller for their wireless flash system, which even the lowly Konica-Minolta 5D had? Boo! This won’t even be a competitor for the Canon 7D without the wireless flash!

  2. Steve Paine says

    Eric E*:
    Unless those items are well hidden — — — you have an excellemt point.

  3. says

    I made a good living with two KM 7D bodies, and going away from that design was one of the top 10 stupidest things Sony’s ever done! They threw away the culmination of decades worth of Minolta refinement to the art of photography (including the Predictive Focus processor) in favor of sleeker designs and a faster AF motor. Stupid. All I wanted was 12-14 MP in a KM 7D body, with the pop-up flash for wireless control of my big KM flash. That’s all. Years late, Sony might finally be getting the ball rolling, but this A77 with its ridiculously-sized vertical grip, articulating rear screen, and movie mode (I don’t shoot movies) is not going to meet my needs.

    Sony released the specs on a full-frame 35 mp EXMOR-R sensor back in 2009 that they themselves build, and they still haven’t bothered to put it in an A900 replacement? Sony might as well be dead and gone, like Circuit City, for all of the stupid camera market moves they’ve made since 2007! Rebadged Sony lenses selling for more than they did as KM lenses? Bah! Good riddance!

  4. Davy793 says

    It’s too late now to add anything to the “wanted” list. We will just have to wait and see if they have incorporated the main requirements that we have made over the years. If they have not listened and acted upon these, then it is goodbye to Sony and hello to Nikon for me.

  5. Dave says

    I am still shooting with my KM 7D, and I have not upgraded to anything by SONY yet, as anything except for the a900 has been a total disappointment. If SONY thinks that by leaving off the PC sync socket from the DSLR bodies will “encourage” buyers to purchase their flash units, they are wrong as far as I am concerned anyway. It signals to me that the bodies are an inferior product, too small, too light, too little, too late. If I wanted to shoot video, I would buy a proper video camcorder. Video for me is definitely not a selling feature that I just can’t live without. It is just something else electronically to go awry. I hate EVFs and it would appear that to save a few bucks, SONY is going to force them down our throats, like ’em or not. Not the way to do business in my opinion. Might have to switch to a Pentax K5 or Nikon D700 soon. Too bad, since I made my living with Minolta Cameras for 22 years…..Still loving my Maxxum 9 though. I guess the a900 is as close to the Maxxum 9 or Maxxum 7D as we are ever going to see from SONY. Too bad it wasn’t 16 MPs, as very few guys really NEED 24 MPs.

  6. says

    I jumped ship in mid 2008 to a Nikon D300 but I do admit I’ve looked back every so often. I like the robust construction of the A900 but Sony neutered the Predictive Focus thus making the camera nearly worthless for things in motion. The D300 is decent, but still not terrific in this area. A D700 would be ideal for a full frame body, but I haven’t had the money to move up yet due to two new children in the last 3 years in my family! They have a way of soaking up huge sums of money! LOL

  7. Dave says

    From everything that I have read so far, the a580 has a pretty decent 16MP sensor, and the IQ in the upper ISO ranges are pretty decent also. Now, I ask you, would it have been asking too much of SONY to have placed a PC sync socket on the body, and given it the sturdy construction of the a700 body? I could live with the video nonsense I guess. It has an OVF and a pretty decent frames/second burst. I would have bought one by now with those specs. But as usual, the marketing minds at SONY seem to have ingested more than a healthy dose of “Stupid Pills”, and are expecting the rest of us to think that they are wonderful. I’m tired of this nonsense from SONY!