More Nikon FX Rumors, 2 Cameras in August

Nikon D4

Things are definitely heating up for Nikon’s upcoming DSLRs.  The latest word is that 2 new FX-format cameras will be here by the end of August. 

According to a tipster to Nikon Rumors, a recent Nikon-authorized dealer event revealed some details about the Nikon D700 and D3s replacements.

Here is what the Nikon rep said: “Two new FX bodies will be announced by the end of August. Availability in Fall.” Even though the rep wasn’t explicit about which current cameras are going to be replaced, it was quite clear they were talking about “old body designs” (guess D700 and D3). Nevertheless, the two FX cameras will be aimed at different customers who have different needs: one camera for “expert” photographers, the other for “pro” photographers. Technical spec and form factors will be significantly different as well.

These rumors appear to be pretty consistent with the recent ones we heard about a Nikon D4 and D800 a couple of weeks ago.

What are your thoughts on these rumors?  Also, what’s the difference between an “expert” camera and a “pro” camera?

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Swashbuckling Cowboy says

    “Also, what’s the difference between an “expert” camera and a “pro” camera?”


    and performance of course, similar to the differences between the D700 and D3 today.

  2. Richard says

    Just hope these babies take outstading photos…and hopfully it will be in the 25 mega pixel range..AND WONT COST TOO MUCH

  3. Paradorn says

    I am not a pro , not even an expert, but I love to take pictures with good and capable cameras because they can help me. I am interested in the replacement of D700 and will buy one.

  4. Bryan says

    Looking forward to seeing what the new D4 will have on offer. Hopefully 1080p Full HD video you can see when taking through the viewfinder, 25MP, sensor cleaner along the the features of the D3. Would have brought a D3x had it had these features – so have been patiently waiting.

  5. Joe says

    Have been patiently waiting for this for some time, would have gone with the Canon MkII long ago, but have set of nikor lens and too expensive to change. Hurry up please