StoryBoard Artist Version 5 Adds Some Bling to Storyboarding

StoryBoard Artist

One of the things I enjoy the most about working with video is preproduction. While it is certainly a very creative process, it’s also very analytical, which fits with the way my brain is wired.

Specifically, I really get into the storyboarding and previsualization process.  So when PowerProduction Software sent me an email about the release of its new StoryBoard Artist Version 5, I spent an hour or so digging around the company’s site and reading others’ reviews of the prior versions.

After watching the demo video (on this page), I was rather impressed at the versatility of the software.  It just goes so much further than I can with pen and paper.  Although, lately I’ve been using the outstanding Penultimate iPad app and Boxwave stylus thanks to a recommendation from Prolost.  While I’ve never used the StoryBoard Artist software, I can definitely see some pretty big benefits from the demo and reading others’ experiences – even for the small-fry stuff that I work with.

Version 4 of StoryBoard Artist seemed to have overall positive reviews based on what I dug up from experienced users.  While StoryBoard Artist is priced a little out of the league of many enthusiasts, those who work with video for a living may be willing to shell out the $800 to spice up and set apart your treatment or proposal package.

More details over at PowerProduction’s website.



  1. says

    I watched the demo video and this really freakin’ awesome!

    The software is a bit expensive, but I think worth it. As I type this they are running a sale for $549 instead of the regular $799.

    I will bookmark their website! Thanks for posting this!!